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Recover Files from USB Drive on Mac

USB drive is the most popularly used drives for storing and backing up the data. As these are cost effective than the internal hard drives and provides many eye catching feature like portability, robustness, use less power and most importantly, no fragile moving parts are present in them. USB drives mainly use to save the backup of the important data. So any damage to your USB drive is need for concern. There are situations when you might have deleted your external drive data thinking that it will reside in the Mac trash. And later found that data deleted from external drive bypasses the Trash in Mac operating system. Don't worry, it is possible to restore files emptied from Trash on Mac OS X that got deleted from USB drive, consider reading this page: http://www.recovermacintosh.com/trash.html to get detailed information. Using Recover Macintosh utility deleted files, folders and other types of data can be recovered easily.

But there are some scenarios in which data from USB drive gets deleted. Lets see some of the scenarios.

  • Unitentional deleting: When you are in a hurry to delete some data, so that you can store new data you may delete the vital data in the process of deleting the unwanted data.
  • USB drives corrupt: When your USB drive gets corrupted you may lose your data. USB drive might be corrupted, due to abrupt removal of the drive while it was still in use.
  • Due to third party software: when you install a new software to your drive it might contain dangerous programs like virus/ malware. Due to which you drive make show improper behavior and may result in data loss.
  • Improper shutdown: your system may shut down improperly due to power surge. When you are working and sudden system shutdown occurs due to this your USB data may become inaccessible for you which is a case of data loss.

Whatever be the scenario of data loss, the Recover Macintosh tool is here to help you out to restore Macintosh partition which is lost/deleted due to the above discussed scenarios. The software is designed by the professional experts and loaded with the advanced and effective recovery program. The tool scans the whole of the drive in a few minutes and retrieve data from erased from Mac HDD, SSD, USB and other storage devices. Refer here, to find out how to recover data from erased Mac HDD. The tool comes with a fine option to find any recovered file using "Find-Tool". It can search and recover data from USB drive of different brands. The recover Macintosh tool comes with a highly intuitive user interface. Which makes data recovery even easier from USB drive.

The software supports file systems like FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX. It can effectively perform data recovery from corrupt hard drive on all the latest versions of Mac operating system. Just download the demo version of the software to get a clear idea, how software works. If you're happy with the software you can purchase the legal version of the software from the same site.

Simple steps to Recover Data from USB Drive:

Step 1: Download the demo version of Recover Macintosh software and install it to your computer. After launching the software, connect your USB drive. Click on "Recover Files" option as shown in Fig A.

Recover Data From USB Drive - Main screen

Fig A: Main screen

Step 2: Now select the portable USB drive from where you want to recover data. Click on "Next" button after selecting the affected drive as shown in Fig B.

Recover Data From USB Drive - Select USB drive

Fig B: Select USB drive

Step 3: After scanning process is finished, you can view the recovered data using Data View option. As shown in Fig C

Recover Data From USB Drive - Recovered Data

Fig C: Recovered Data

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